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Physical Therapists in Miami FL

Physical Therapists have licensed health care professionals who use the science of physical therapy to treat the physical symptoms of injury or illness. They specialize in treating patients of all ages and diagnose and treat various problems associated with the body’s structure. By treating the underlying issues, physical therapists help patients regain range of motion and physical functionality. They are also trained to utilize the latest techniques and modalities. They may combine different exercises and treatments in order to achieve the best results for their patients.

Physical Therapists Miami FL

Before beginning therapy, a physical therapist will first conduct an examination and review your medical history to identify your condition. He or she will then develop a treatment plan for you based on the results. Your PT may also prescribe manual techniques or stretching exercises to help you regain range of motion and flexibility. If these exercises are not enough, your therapist will work with you to establish an appropriate stretching regimen for you to follow.

Once a patient begins treatment, a physical therapist will create a plan of care for him or her. Medicare requires that patients have a signed plan of care before they can receive therapy. During the first visit, the therapist will develop a plan of care and work with your doctor to obtain it. Once your doctor approves the plan, you will need a new plan of treatment every 90 days or 10 visits.

Another Physical Therapists Miami FL, is Cathy Parbst-Accurso. She studied Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy at the University of Connecticut. She specializes in treating athletes and injured people. She strives to create a safe environment for patients and their families. She practices In Balance Physical Therapy, which has a holistic approach to the human body. She utilizes hands-on methods to reduce mechanical stress on the body.

Cathy Parbst-Accurso is one of the best physical therapists in Miami. She completed her master’s degree in Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy at the University of Connecticut. She specializes in sports injuries and rehabilitation. She also practices in the field of In Balance Physical Therapy, which has an integrative approach to the human body. In Balance physical therapy focuses on reducing the mechanical strain on the body.

During the first visit, your physical therapist will evaluate your current condition and create a personalized plan for your treatment. In addition, they will work with your doctor to get a plan of care that will work best for you. Your therapist will develop a customized treatment plan for your specific needs. Your therapist will also develop a customized plan of care for you. Depending on your condition, your therapist will determine the best way to address your pain.