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Pay Per Call Services

Pay per call advertising enables companies to place advertisements on TV and only pay when someone actually calls the number listed on the ad. This method is based on a performance model and an agreed cost per call. It’s a great way to reach a large number of potential customers, and it’s available to a variety of businesses.


Dedicated to pay per call advertising, WeCall has made it possible for advertisers to connect callers with potential buyers. The company combines advanced technology with in-house call tracking to ensure that marketers are maximizing their returns. The company began in Russia in 2015 and has expanded to the US market in 2018. It works with affiliates who create inbound calls for businesses. The company is owned by Digital Market Media, which has extensive experience in call centers.

The platform includes reporting on sales, call volumes, and conversions. It also provides information about which advertising channels and agents are producing the most revenue. It also provides the advertising manager with prospect data. There are not many marketing companies that offer this type of service, so it puts pressure on marketers to provide the best service possible.

Aragon Advertising

Aragon Advertising has been offering pay per call services for the past four years, and has seen rapid growth. With a focus on bringing qualified leads to advertisers, the agency has helped clients increase conversion rates. To optimize their campaigns, Aragon works closely with Invoca, a call tracking platform. Earlier this year, they started looking into using Everflow for click tracking.

The company’s pay per call services have earned them numerous honors within the marketing industry. Aragon Advertising has also expanded into other industries, such as display advertising, live call transfers, and social media. Its broad network of affiliates allows them to promote a wide variety of products and services, and the company offers competitive leads and augmented conversion prices. The company has the capability to generate hundreds of thousands of calls per month.


Invoca’s pay per call services enable businesses to monetize phone calls like a click on an ad. The software allows marketers to target specific groups using their existing performance marketing tools and track each call’s performance. Invoca works with well-known brands, and its robust technology and infrastructure make it a reliable option. This ensures that calls do not get blocked or dropped, and the company invests heavily in fraud protection.

Its conversation intelligence capabilities are particularly powerful for marketers, and Invoca offers features to help sales teams, such as automated QA scoring. The customer support is great, and reviews are glowing. One customer used Invoca to make a conversion from an online form to a phone call. In both cases, throughput was below 5%.

WeCall syndication

WeCall Media’s primary objective is to connect callers with the right buyers. The company uses Ringba technology to analyze calls, understand the customer journey, and evaluate performance. With the help of this data, WeCall Media is able to identify the most effective publishers and buyers for each campaign.

The company is based in Charlotte, NC, and has recently become a member of the Blue Book’s Top Agency Syndication list. It is a first-year Blue Book ranking, which shows a strong voting panel’s support.

Invoca Signal AI

Invoca Signal AI is a call tracking platform that enables companies to maximize the ROI of phone interactions. Its machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities analyze voice data to reveal insights that can be used to improve marketing, customer service, and sales. By leveraging this data, Invoca can help companies lower their cost per acquisition and increase ROI on paid campaigns.

Invoca Signal AI also offers conversational analytics features, which help businesses understand customer behavior and improve the customer experience. This technology ingests vast voice data sets and identifies intent, word and phrase patterns, and subtleties humans may miss. Invoca’s platform also measures call-based conversions, and marketers can pass the data into Google Ads and Search Ads 360 for even greater visibility.